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About GBR

About GBR

Experience and knowledge combined with an insatiable drive to ensure your success.

Who we are

The Government Business Results, LLC team members have been living at the cross-roads of technology, market enablement and the Public Sector since 1993. We came together in 2010 to create a unique firm that specializes in government go-to-market strategy and enablement for technology firms.  A Northern Virginia-based, woman-owned small business, we offer a combined 100 years of experience and industry expertise.  Click here to meet our team.

What we do

We deliver results. Meaningful revenue growth?  You bet. Highly effective demand generation that delivers quality leads?  Oh yeah. Measurable market penetration? Absolutely. Thought leadership strategy that cuts through the clutter and expands marketshare? Yup, that too. Actionable grants and program research that fuel sales potential? That too. Sales and marketing enablement that gets field marketing, field sales and the channel all on the same page, driving profitable revenue and growing the Public Sector business?  Check, check and check. Visit our Products and Services page for more information on what we can do to assist you.

We have a proven process that effectively aligns a client’s technology to trends, pain points and opportunities in the Public Sector. And from there we rapidly develop and deliver real-world tools that enable your entire sales and marketing teams to execute effectively. It’s that simple. And that powerful. Our clients get results.

Why we’re different

There are thousands of government marketing and business development firms out there that will help you drive business in the Public Sector. They will give you helpful advice about the general industry trends, the importance of aligning to the buying seasons and contract vehicles, why you need to establish and maintain the right relationships and how to tie your product features to agency mission objectives. They will tell you that you need to arm your sales and marketing teams with the right tools and education to achieve sales. All good advice. But much of it is just that…advice.

At GBR, we’re different. We don’t just advise. We do. We live in the trenches. We can soar to ten thousand feet, but then dive right down to that “rubber hits the road” place where actual marketing, messaging, revenue campaigns, sales tools and sales enablement are leveraged by the field to drive significant revenue growth in the Public Sector.

We can create the strategy. Build the tools. Develop the campaigns. Write the messaging, the copy blocks, and the emails. Train your teams. Align and engage your larger corporate teams behind the effort. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get down and dirty in your technology, in your partner ecosystem, in your company culture, and in the Public Sector to deliver the best, most effective go-to-market strategies, campaigns and enablement. To deliver results. And we do it quickly, building bridges wherever we travel until there is a smoothly functioning set of roadways that help to fuel your Public Sector growth. We become part of your team, your secret weapon to grow your Public Sector business.

And that is what makes us different.

Where we’re located

We are headquartered in Northern Virginia. You can easily reach us via email:

The market segments we support

We have deep expertise in Federal, State, Local and Healthcare market segments.

Our services

Our range of services include Market Research and Analysis, Sales Enablement, Lead Generation, and everything in between. Visit our Products and Services page for more information on what we can do to assist you.

Where our logo came from

The team at GBR is laser-focused on your success and on driving results that matter. The inspiration for our logo came from our commitment to our clients to aim high, with targeted goals and a precise path to get there. What better representation of this promise than our pointed arrow, aimed upwards…….a symbol of focus, precision, and a clear destination.

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