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Industry-Product Marketing Analyst

Job Title: Industry-Product Marketing Analyst
Travel: No
Location: DC Metro OR SF Bay Area (North Bay)

This is a full-time, exempt position.  If you are a rapid learner, a technology geek, an avid analyst of business strategies, and possess a relentless sense of curiosity – this is the job for you!  You should be a “geeky” marketing type, armed with just enough technology understanding to be dangerous – but balance your technical depth with a practiced analytical, business-oriented eye.  You might be the fastest “Google-er” you know, and able to rapidly pick up concepts and ideas.  You also understand how to take the smallest tidbit of information and put it in context of a larger picture.  Typically, you are a visual thinker and a teacher – you enjoy taking complicated information and making it simple for others to understand using graphics.

At the strategic level, you will be guiding our client’s go-to-market strategy, messaging, and positioning in specific target industry segments.  In that way, this job is very similar to that of a Product or Industry Marketing Manager. The difference is that you will be working across a portfolio of companies and technologies: big and small, software and hardware, products and services. It’s the perfect role for someone who is bored by focusing on the same thing day after day!

In your day to day, as a GBR Industry-Product Marketing Analyst your job is to research and explore the Client’s product line and the target market industry segment. You then synthesize and distill that information in order to come up with effective market strategy, positioning, and messaging.  You will use PowerPoint to pull all of the pieces together, you don’t need to be an expert in it, but you definitely need to be fluent.  Much of the work is deadline driven, and requires the ability to easily shift mental context from one product/segment to another.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain a keen understanding of target public sectors, agencies, and market and technology trends and drivers.
  • Become resident expert on Client product lines and product differentiation.
  • Learn and understand current Client product messaging and positioning in both public and private sectors.
  • Proactively identify the research needed on competitors, market environment, policy and technology trends for Client product.
  • Analyze research findings and synthesize with Client products, their differentiators, messaging and positioning.
  • From synthesis, determine public sectors and agencies to target for Client product, along with possible marketing themes and concepts.
  • Determine key benefits of product use in identified public sectors and agencies.
  • Determine key challenges of marketing product to identified sectors and agencies.
  • Properly position and message client products in target segments.
  • Identify target customers for Client product in identified public sectors and agencies.
  • Work directly with Client as needed to refine marketing or product strategy for the public sector.
  • Develop comprehensive market strategy or marketing campaigns.
  • Deliver written or visual assets that may be assigned, such as sales scripts and value prompter charts.
  • Present to Client if requested.


  • Bachelor’s degree in related field.
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in industry or product marketing, or technology research / analyst.  Prefer experience in public sector.
  • Indepth understanding of hardware, software, and networking technology concepts.
  • Expert understanding of trends in information technology and how they impact an industry.
  • Able to evaluate and track marketing sales and trends.
  • Able to distinguish, evaluate, and synthesize large amounts of data and information.
  • Accurate, detailed, thorough, logical, and able to present information in a clear and concise manner.
  • Able to meet bounded hours and deliver a high quality work product on deadline.
  • Agile in prioritizing and organizing multiple projects within a fluctuating workload.
  • Able to quickly learn new product lines.
  • Self-motivated, organized, and able to find resolutions to problems.
  • Perform duties with minimal supervision but seek guidance when appropriate.
  • Team player and strong communicator with excellent listening skills.
  • Fluency in Microsoft PowePoint and Microsoft Excel, and solid experience in the rest of the Microsoft Office Suite

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